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Hope Arise partners with small agencies in North Texas to support adoptive families with financial needs, community resources and guidance.


Derek & Jessica Cearley were inspired by the breath of God. His creative word spoke to them through dreams, vision and His anointed people. Hope Arise is a ministry that the Lord has knitted into the fibers of their hearts. Prior to their personal encounters with Christ, they knew they were called to father the orphan, much like Joseph fathered Jesus on earth.  The bible tells us there is no greater ministry than that of the widows and orphans.


Hope Arise is a multifaceted family building organization. They want to support the spreading of the Word of God and the good news of Jesus Christ by connecting families for eternity.


Derek and Jessica Cearley both accepted the Lord Jesus as the Christ while they were young children. It was not until they were  adults that they had a radical encounter with the Son of God. It was this encounter that set in motion a calling that would become Hope Arise.


Derek and Jessica were always blessed by God to be teachers, mentors and friends .  They are biological parents to 4 children and have the desire to continue growing their family through adoption. The spirit of adoption has been a fact for Jessica even before her first child was born. Derek and Jessica have begun the process of growing their family through adoption by becoming certified in foster care services. Derek's and Jessica's heart for service is a true testament to the heart of Christ. The Lord has laid upon them a race to help others fulfill their call and destiny to father the fatherless.

Psalm 68:5 & 6

A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, Is God in His holy habitation.
God makes a home for the lonely.